- Media Lies About Libya and Gaddafi! (Removed from YouTube).
published: 16 Apr 2011
author: vpmnakapak
Libya Media Front: 'No NATO success without Al Jazeera'
One of those Arab uprising countries which Obama blames for his economic strife is Libya w...
published: 30 Sep 2011
author: RussiaToday
Fighting back in Libya's media war
With state television in Libya reporting that the situation in the country is normal, anti...
published: 02 Mar 2011
US orchestrates regime change in Libya, using social media
US orchestrates regime change in Libya, using social media...War Libya....
published: 27 Mar 2011
author: Fearx06
Libya - a Media War
A brief introduction to some facts about the war in Libya is followed by media worker Joti...
published: 30 Oct 2011
Wag the Dog: Media blamed for covering Libya unrest with fog of war
The fog of war has settled over the ongoing unrest in Libya. There are conflicting reports...
published: 07 Mar 2011
author: RussiaToday
Libya Explores Open Media
An Internews assessment of information flows in Libya this June explored the ambitions and...
published: 19 Jul 2011
author: Internews
'Libya air attack footage looks fake, no facts in West media'
As the international community continues to debate the role it should take in the Libyan u...
published: 13 Mar 2011
author: RussiaToday
Listening Post - Feature: Libya: Building a free media
For decades, the media in Libya served as nothing more than a propaganda tool for the regi...
published: 31 Oct 2012
Libya / Incredible media lies - BBC shows "Green Square" in INDIA, 24 August 2011
Libyen / Unglaubliche Medienlügen - BBC zeigt "Green Square" in INDIEN, 24. August 2011 Li...
published: 24 Aug 2011
author: Inomine X
Media Manipulation: 'NATO in a hurry to wrap up war in Libya'
NATO's presence in Libya little resembles a humanitarian mission with houses, hospitals an...
published: 28 Aug 2011
author: RussiaToday
U.S. Invasion of Libya: Media Lies Warning from Joyce Riley of The Power Hour
Joyce Riley of The Power Hour radio show warns of Media Lies by the corporate media to man...
published: 05 Mar 2011
Media Coverage of Nz quake Vs. Libya Protests
On Feb. 21, 2011 at about 0200 GMT news broke on the BBC of a 6.3 magnitude quake striking...
published: 22 Feb 2011
Listening Post - Libya: Shining a light into a media black hole
The media's role in the historic Arab uprisings has so far been celebrated and feared, wit...
published: 26 Feb 2011
Youtube results:
Bullets Over Tripoli: 'Media feeds fear as NATO fights war on Libya'
Reports of tracer bullets and explosions over the Libyan capital have caused many to belie...
published: 21 Aug 2011
author: RussiaToday
Libya, The Media, And Facebook - TheBlaze
The media refuses to cover the Libya story and the largest social media network is even ce...
published: 01 Nov 2012
The Real Libya- What Mainstream Media Won't Show, NATO Crimes In Libya
by 1VSMRK http://www.youtube.com/user/1VSMRK Indictment against NATO military and politica...
published: 19 Jan 2012
author: sonbakkah
Everette Dennis at Libya Media Vision Conference, Opening Remarks
Northwestern University in Qatar hosted members of Libya's National Transitional Council a...
published: 29 Mar 2012
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